About Us

 Ahlberg Engineering, Inc. (AEI) is devoted to providing exceptional professional services to our clients. We accomplish this through our "people-first" philosophy. We recognize that by being totally committed to our clients' success, our success will naturally follow. Each team player in our organization understands this philosophy and has "the desire to do the job right, the capabilities to make it happen, and a sense of urgency to speed up the process." 


AEI is a Georgia corporation that opened its doors in May 1995.  Our team is focused, but not limited to:

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Construction Testing and Quality Control
  • Environmental Engineering and Assessments
  • Pavement Consulting

Our founder, Jim Ahlberg, PE, brings to the company over thirty years of experience in the engineering field. He is recognized in the community and throughout the country for his integrity, enthusiasm, and problem solving ability. Before the inception of AEI, Mr. Ahlberg was president of a nationally known company that was ranked among the country's ten largest consulting engineering firms. During his tenure as president, Mr. Ahlberg played an integral role in growing the company to over 3,500 employees and was ultimately responsible for over 45,000 projects annually.


Every project begins with our team, first and foremost, addressing client needs. Our team, consisting of a staff of engineers, technicians, marketing and administrative personnel, is totally committed to providing our clients and their projects with professional and unsurpassed quality that is demanded from engineering firms today. Company personnel never embark on a project with preconceived solutions, but consider all factors. AEl combines a practical approach with a strong theoretical approach, therefore providing superior value to our clients. AEl focuses on keeping the clients informed of the status of their reports. Jim Ahlberg's "call me direct if you need me" attitude reinforces the trust we develop in our business relationships. By having strong communication with our clients, we work smarter and more efficiently to get the job done.