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At Ahlberg Engineering, we believe that dynamic ideas come from our newest employees. It’s our goal to attract the brightest college graduates.  As AEI continues to strengthen and grow, AEI promises to offer you exciting career opportunities.


AEI is a dynamic, fast growing Geotechnical Engineering firm located in Marietta, GA.  The services we provide includes: geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and inspection, and environmental engineering.  AEI is a medium size company, which gives our senior engineers the opportunity to mentor and teach new team members.  AEI combines a practical approach with a strong theoretical approach, giving the less experienced engineer the opportunity to have hands on learning experience.  Our manager-in-training program has helped us attract and keep the very best graduates.

AEI offers a six to twelve month training program that will include the learning of all phases of a construction project. From the pre-purchase due diligence phase where environmental assessments and preliminary geotechnical explorations are conducted, to the design phase where the geotechnical exploration is completed and finally to the construction phase where the materials are tested and construction procedures are monitored to determine their compliance with project requirements.  The manager-in-training will perform environmental site assessments, geotechnical field studies and construction quality control tests as well as prepare daily field reports.  As the training progresses, the manager-in-training will begin to take on project manager responsibilities, overseeing the project from start to completion.  This includes interaction with the client, engineering analysis and review, visiting the job site, communications with all involved parties and fiscal management.