Construction Materials Testing and Inspection


Quality control testing and inspection to determine compliance with project specifications.

Soil compaction, concrete and concrete placement, reinforcing steel placement, precast concrete, structural steel, post tensioned concrete, soil and aggregates, asphalt, foundation inspection, other construction materials.

Geotechnical Engineering


Understanding subsurface materials and predicting their behavior. This information enables geotechnical engineers to determine the interaction of subsurface materials with structures supported by the earth.

Preliminary site election studies, subsurface exploration, soils and foundation evaluation and recommendations, soil and rock testing, slope stability and dam analysis, construction considerations.

Pavement Consulting


Engineering, testing, and inspection services of new or existing pavements.


Pavement evaluation, repair or maintenance recommendations, pavement materials testing and engineering, pavement design.

Environmental Site Assessments


Phase 1 assessments to identify and assess the potential environmental risk associated with a given property.

Visual inspection of the property and surrounding areas, research of public historical documents, data evaluation, assessment of environmental risk.