Frequently Asked Questions

​I am buying a piece of property, what due diligence does AEI recommend?

There are a number of due diligence items that should be considered.  AEI can help you with two of those items, Environmental and Geotechnical.  AEI performs Environmental Site Assessments, sometimes called an ESA or a Phase I, on properties to identify environmental concerns.  AEI also performs geotechnical explorations and provides subsurface information for use in estimating site development costs.

What does a Phase I ESA cost?

The fees will vary depending upon factors such as:

  • Size - The larger the site, the more time is required.
  • Location - Properties in the city usually require more research effort than undeveloped raw land.
  • Vegetation - A heavily wooded site requires more field reconnaissance time than a cleared site.

​What is the difference between a modified proctor and a standard proctor?

The energy used to compact the soil using a Modified Proctor ASTM D-1557 is approximately 4 ½ times the energy used to compact the soil using a Standard Proctor ASTM D-698.

The result is a material that is 5% to 10% denser or more compact.

​I want to test my concrete floor slab for moisture.  What is involved?

​The most common type of moisture test is the Rate of Vapor Emission Test, ASTM D-429.  A test specimen is adhered to the floor for a minimum of 60 hours.  After the test period, final measurements are made and the rate of vapor emission is calculated.

For example, a test started on Friday evening would be completed by Monday morning.  You should be aware that prior to testing, the building should be enclosed with the HVAC operating for a minimum of 2 weeks.

​What is the difference between floor flatness and floor levelness?

Floor Flatness (FF)  A dimensionless number that describes the flatness or bumpiness of a random traffic floor.Floor Levelness (FL) A dimensionless number that describes the levelness or tilt of a random traffic floor.ASTM E 1155-96 is the “Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers”.  AEI is equipped with a “Dip Stick” which measures these values and provides instantaneous output in the field.